Frequently Asked Questions

Will animals activate Poacher Catcher products
When positioned correctly at about 5½ – 6 ft high, most small animals will go undetected. Poacher Catcher has a specially designed sensor with an angle of detection  only 12° up/down (45° left / right), so when the detection area reaches 3 ft high it is out of range and should not be triggered. However, larger livestock and deer will trigger the device – please avoid locations where these animals roam free.

Does Poacher Catcher operate in all temperatures
Yes. Poacher Catcher has been tested at temperatures as low as -15°C and high as 40°C.

Can Poacher Catcher call any number, including land lines
Yes.  Up to 4 numbers can be programmed.  These can be land line or mobile numbers and will be called sequentially.

Will intruders realise they have activated the Poacher Catcher
No. Poacher Catcher is completely silent and the CAM has an invisible flash which uses ‘black’ infrared light.

How do I know when the battery life gets low
When battery life gets below 20% Poacher Catcher will send a text to the 1st programmed number stating current battery status. This text is sent when Poacher Catcher is next activated or at a predetermined time during the day.

How do I know when the SIM card credit is running low
As above; when credit is less that £2 Poacher Catcher will send a text to the programmed numbers. Please note Orange/T-mobile do not support this function.

I only want Poacher Catcher to work at night – does it have a timer
Yes. Poacher Catcher has an inbuilt timer which can be programmed via text message.

Can I turn on/off Poacher Catcher remotely
Yes. This is activated by text message.

How soon should I receive the alert
Ringing alerts should be received within 60 seconds. The CAM sends images after all call/text alerts are completed. Images are sent from the unit within 3 minutes from detection however network reception will determine the time it takes for the images to be received.