Poacher Catcher CAM

The Poacher Catcher CAM will alert you with a phone call and email you images within minutes of detecting the intruder

This device alerts you to an intruder via phone call and/or text PLUS it emails images of the intruder to up to 4 email addresses. The device makes the phone calls first, optional text messages and then images are sent via email. Images are of good quality; colour during the day, black & white at night. Giving you immediate evidence of the intruders whilst they are still on site, allowing you to take appropriate action.

Like the original Poacher Catcher this device is battery operated using long life, rechargeable batteries, so it can be installed anywhere on your property. As long as a mobile network is available this device will operate in all conditions. Programming is simple using straightforward software, however we believe it is the only product of it’s kind on the market that also allows remote operation via text message.

We have designed the Poacher Catcher CAM with you in mind. After extensive research we have incorporated features you have asked for with the ease of use and simplicity you require.

Our devices require a standard sized SIM card to operate. We recommend SIM only contracts with you preferred supplier.


  • Phone call received within 30-40 seconds of activation
  • Images received within 2-5 minutes (depending on network strength)
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 months
  • Up to 10m detection and illumination range
  • Very low level red infrared light. (Infrared rating 850nm)
  • Pre-focused detection area to avoid detection of small animals
  • Poacher Catcher CAM sends a text when battery is low
  • World-wide compatibility – any 2G mobile phone network can be used
  • On/off, timer and programming options set by text commands or user friendly software
  • Completely silent when activated

Size: 16.8 x 9.8 x 5.0cm

Weight: 303 grams