Catch an intruder in the act! !



Using mobile phone technology, Poacher Catcher products alert you the moment an intruder is detected. No matter where you are you will receive a call, text or email alerting you that someone is on your property.


The new Poacher Catcher CAM not only alerts you to an intruder, but also sends images directly to your email address. Within a few minutes of capture, the images can be viewed on your smart phone or computer, allowing you to take appropriate action.

Battery Operated

Poacher Catcher products are purpose built for remote and rural use. All products are battery operated using long-life rechargeable batteries. These stand-alone units can be moved from one place to another without the need to re-lay cables or use unsightly battery packs.


Poacher Catcher products are no longer available for individual purchase. Enquiries about the design and development of products like this may be made direct to the developers.
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“Our Poacher Catcher caught intruders on our building site just 2 days after it was installed. A stunning result! Thank You!”
Homebuilder – Hertfordshire

“The Gamekeeper relies on his Poacher Catcher’s to protect game birds and fish. Recently four men were caught poaching fish and were apprehended by the police”
Landowner – North Wales

“An effective and reliable system, resulting in the prosecution of 2 intruders”
Salvage Yard – Essex